From the East Coast of Australia, Carla M Keeley is a passionate musician, playing piano from a young girl.  She has developed a beautiful relaxing original style of piano music that has touched many near and far.

Her debut album "Renew" is a delicate, raw, and beautiful album of 11 original tracks.  Inspired from the heart, and played in the moment to capture an truly unique selection of tunes.

Her music is described as soothing, calming, relaxing and music that invites you to take a breath, think, pray, wind down, and feel peace.

"Renew" is great for dinner music.  If you love relaxing piano music you will love this album.

Carla still resides on the East Coast of Australia, loving the lifestyle and the beauty.  She is inspired by nature and loves being close to friends and family.

Carla is now a mother, and also a piano teacher, but she now feels it's time to write more beautiful piano music and is passionate about finding those who love it and connecting with them to bring inspiring, relaxing, and encouraging music to their lives.

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